Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dust has settled

okay, i think my brain has caught up to me after the road trip. it took a bit of time. first i was tired, then i was lazy, and now i'm looking around remembering what my ramshackle life was like before i took off.

when i went on my road trip, about a week in, i realized i missed home (SF area) a little bit, even though i was in another place i consider to be home (vancouver). i i went to church in berkeley on sunday and was suddenly hit with a gladness of being there. i was a little more surprised than i should have been, i think - i have been living here for 3 years now. but it's taken that all that time to feel connected and familiar with this community.

as i have mentioned before, it's been hard going in this flashy and speedy culture. interesting that the sermon should be on acts 2:42-3:17 - the nice little passage about how great church community can be - how we often view community as a scarcity that we try to hold on to and be exclusive with our own power, rather than this abundant and wonderful openness based on the abundant love of God.

because on my nomadic stint, i felt incredibly blessed to know that i could drop in on 3 different cities and experience the love and care of many friends, in addition to the one i am currently in. even though i was exhausted by driving so much, my soul was refreshed by playing scrabble (jane wins the series 4-3. i will have my revenge), watching twins moonwalk across a kitchen floor, drinking a few pints of beer or coffee or sharing diet cokes (why do i keep accidently type a part of the male anatomy when i type that drink? it's something freudian i don't want to spend any more time considering, i bet), and mostly just being in the same room with people i've got a some history with. and then also to appreciate the connections i have made here, even as it has been difficult.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

kids these days

benjamin wade halton and his witty, incisive thoughts on cleanliness. i have the same reaction when someone says, "cupcakes."

you may notice that we comment in the video that ben's reaction is a little "subdued." sometimes ben likes to hold his true feelings on the inside.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

938 miles in pictures

wednesday: danville to portland
thursday: portland to seattle
friday: stretch
saturday: seattle to vancouver
sunday: play scrabble. lose. win. lose.
monday: more scrabble
tuesday-?: TBA

the honda fit is running with flying colors. excellent gas mileages. getting caught up on podcasts. talking on my phone while driving because it's not illegal yet in washington.

here's a few more images that speak for themselves:

i neglected to take pictures at the reading. i was a little blown away seeing copies of the book, and had a great time meeting the other writers. great stories - can't wait to read the whole thing.

going where the wind blows. like a big blue honda fit-shaped tumbleweed. good times.

Friday, September 11, 2009

807 miles later...

day 2 of the great northwestern voyage.

pics to come soon - tomorrow when my brain might be more functional.

the skinny: had a great great time meeting other contributors to the Jesus Girls, reading at the release party, and giving away a copy of purpose driven life that i found on a "free books" shelf as a door prize. am now tired from sitting on my ass in a car for most of 2 days. but also exhilarated with a sense of accomplishment.

incredibly glad and thankful that i came up here.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

this morning i got up and couldn't figure out why my arms were sore. goodness knows i don't work out. then i realized that it was because i had spent the better part of the day before bussing tables at the dining room. it was the last day of the month, so it was really busy, people get low on cash before they get the next welfare check. every time i turned around, there were piles and piles of meal trays. however now my triceps are super toned. next week: work the deltoids.

i may have mentioned this before... but i am always struck by people's faces: they are the toughest and most fragile looking people i have ever seen. my favorite table during the senior citizen seating time is this group of filipino men that all look like they could be my grandpa.

so i still volunteer... i'm not sure how much longer. it's been hard to lose this small hope that i will work there. rationally, the chance are still about the same and who knows what will happen you know? but i still feel pretty hurt about how i got blown off with this last job. i know this economy is tough and people are really busy and trying to make things work with fewer resources and so on and so on... but it still doesn't mean that you get to treat people with less respect. i thought i had some sort of relationship after volunteering there for a year. i'm not really sure what to do about this situation. note: not going to engage in internet bash-fest. just thinking out loud.