Saturday, January 05, 2013

complete sentences.

some of you (those few that used to read my blog when i actually wrote entries) may know that i've been trying dating of the online variety. that's because dating of the, say, reality-based variety hasn't really been something happening with me.

now, i know that i can be a bit of snob when it comes to writing, and i wouldn't hold that over someone. but basic puncutation (besides capitalizing anything on this blog), grammar and writing in complete sentences are important to me when making a first impression. so when you write an initial message like this:

Like to chat, Take you to eat maybe... [name]
i will not write back. because when that's what you write, i don't have high hopes for your speaking skills. i don't think that's too much to expect. i've gotten several that just say "hi"or "hey" this makes me think that maybe you're the guy at the bar that just stares at girls and doesn't say anything, and i will not respond. there are other bizarro messages, which i haven't decided if i will share on here or not. much less the few guys that i have met in person. i just needed to rant about the above one line email that i just got. someone remind me again that this is all worth it? you know, once i meet a guy that i actually might go with on a second date? because if not - man, i already have 1 cat. i can easily fit about 8 more in my apartment.