Saturday, January 29, 2011

one of the best days ever

so i thought maybe i'd catch up on things on this here blog. if anything, i kinda miss writing and i'm mighty out of practice. just for kicks, you know? anyway, i figured i should elaborate further on the day i got a employed.

the only entry i'd written in october was how annoyed/discouraged i was about the job search. and it continued like that for a few more weeks. i was pretty discouraged that i'd have to go find another coffee monkey gig to scrape by. out of the blue, i got a phone call from where i'd been volunteering about a full-time opportunity.

I went in for my "interview" which was kind of a foregone conclusion since i had already been there volunteering for several months. so i walked out with a job, and since it was rush hour in the city, i walked over to the civic center to watch the big screen telecast of game five of the world series to kill time until i could drive home. it was one of those rare amazing nights in the city when the sky was clear and you didn't need a jacket.

the game zoomed by because tim lincecum is amazing. it became apparent that this was the giants' night. i wasn't going to leave for home, not when victory was at hand. i decided to treat myself to dinner (because, what the hell - i had an income again!) at sam's chowdermobile, one of the handful of food trucks making a killing at the game. while i was standing in line with a good view of the screen, the giants scored their 3 runs. complete bedlam ensued, and i was high fiving all the people around me. i relaxed on the grass with my lobster roll, old bay fries and coke. a beer would have been nice, but no alcohol was permitted at the civic center plaza (which turned out to actually just be BYOB). have you ever had a lobster roll? man. a tasty bread roll, filled with lobster meat, and melted butter. i guess there's other spice too, but really, they had me at melted butter. and anything with old bay takes me back to when i lived in dc, with the tasty maryland blue crab.

then brian wilson shut the rangers down, more bedlam, more high fiving and then suddenly everyone around me was holding booze that i think they had been too nervous to be drinking until the giants won. i don't know if i had ever seen that much concentrated exuberance before. wait, in college, my school upset the number 1 ranked basketball team in the country, while prez. clinton (man that was a long time ago) was in attendance and the game was televised on ESPN. we rushed the court. so, the giants win was like that, but multiplied by 1000. what a day! this here picture of big time timmy tim encapsulated how i was feeling too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


ok, so it's almost freakin' february. join me in head spinning.

i have to (semi-)publicly (because how many people are reading this anyway) confess that the half-marathon training isn't going all that great. i have yet to settle into a real routine with this. i'm also not totally thrilled that i'm a little bit more rickety-feeling since i last trained for a half. but i'm plugging along. hopefully i'll be injury-free and still do this thing.

brain dead entry. sorry. it's wednesday.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

oh-eleven, now with more narcissism

so in one of those misguided energy bursts that come in with the new year, i am trying to blog. the key here, as with new year's resolutions, is to have low expectations. it's a proven strategy.

anyway, another misguided energy burst caused me to sign up for a half-marathon at the end of march. there. i put it out there so i can't back out. i really liked my last (also my first) half marathon which was in victoria, back in '04. which i blogged about - and i can't believe i've been a blog nerd for that long. back then, i would write papers all day in the library, or do the barista thing and then spend the long amazing vancouver summer afternoon/evening running along the beach and woods. man, i miss vancouver.

so now i'm trying to do that with a full time job and in the cold san francisco winter. don't scoff at me, you northerners. it's really frickin' cold in the morning. and it's the morning. as if i need more reasons not to run. i've also been mostly sedentary for the last few years. that last part is actually motivation, because i can tell my metabolism is slowing down. LAME. i can remember what it was like to be in shape. and i have to work harder for it now.

i know ya'll are on the edge of your seats, so check back to hear me whine some more about a) running, b) getting up early, c) ke$ha. seriously who likes her? she has no talent.