Tuesday, August 30, 2005

marital bliss

well, another pair of friends married. another great party and celebration of 2 cool people. the vancouver rain managed to hold off for the exact time of the wedding and reception, which was great.

some pictures from the wedding - my friends sara and jess and i looking smokin' hot.

the monkey is a special decoration for the honeymoon mobile. it's a toy of dane's that well, humps, things. we took pictures with it the entire weekend and finally duct taped it to their car. it's fun to be mischievous. now we just need more friends to get married so we can keep having fun parties.

smallest housemate ever

This is Sienna. But imagine her squirming a bit more, with two big blue eyes, and crying sometimes (or more often during the late evening hours according to her parents.) She's pretty cute. and yet another avenue of procrastination for me.

Friday, August 19, 2005

wedding prep extravaganza

bachelorette celebration
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In Seattle for Katie's wedding weekend extravaganza - as a bridesmaid, i am here to do katie's bidding, and make life easier or less stressful before the wedding. Today was the wedding rehearsal, and in the evening a few of us bridesmaids and bride went to the Hyatt in Bellvue for champagne and dessert - chocolate covered strawberries infused with Grand Marnier. Quite possibly on the of the best things i have ever tasted. more pics from the day below.

i got a digital camera for my birthday and i am having lots of fun with it, can you tell?

rap snacks: the official wedding snack

the official wedding snack
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not just for hip hop any more. the flavor is "Lil Romeo" BAR-B-Quin With Honey. Li'l Romeo says "stay in school."

ooo... topiary

ooo... topiary
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the question isn't why do i do this, but how can i not do this? this is in front of the kiana lodge, where the ceremony and reception is. i felt one with nature.

flower girl and ring bearer

flower girl and ring bearer
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christoper the ring bearer and hannah the flower girl. so cute.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


friends, i present to you - rap snack. the official snack of hip hop. better recognize, yo. this shizzle's fo' rizzle.
available at a 7-11 near you. buy some or i'll bust a cap in your ass.
check 'em out at www.rapsnacks.com

Monday, August 15, 2005

maybe tomorrow

My friend molly, who i talked about in an earlier post just put out a cd. i'm listening to it right now. it's kick ass. i'm quite proud of her. and blown away at how good it is.

check out some samples on the web here: http://www.myspace.com/mollyjenson

Sunday, August 14, 2005

high class

salient memories of the summer of 2005 would include:
sitting on the beach watching the sun set with friends drinking wine, eating fruit and peanut butter and chocolate oreos and smoking cherry cigarillos.

now that's the kind off summer i'm talking about.


i miss:

going to a's games
the way the fog rolls into the valley over the berkeley hills
duct-taping jr. highers to sign posts
mexican food
reading in the overstuffed purple chairs at cuppa tea on college ave
sitting in the pool with jenn laughing

Friday, August 12, 2005


lara and jeff: parents of one gorgeous baby girl named Sienna, as of 11 p.m. Wednesday night

my parents: in canada and exploring victoria today

me: writing a paper sitting in my room with my feet up on the window sill. thinking about the trinitarian doctrine of God, and how this impacts the life of the church today. hmmm... while this is important to do, i would prefer to be doing it at any time other than on a sunny vancouver summer's day. meh, i say. meh, indeed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


a good summer night. grilled some brats and ate dinner out on the deck. went down to the beach with some friends to see the sunset and threw the frisbee around. we bought some ice cream at safeway and then sat around the table laughing really hard. i didn't realize how long it had been since i had laughed that hard until afterward. it's been a long and busy summer. things seem to be letting up though.

but man, i live for those moments of just easy and silly time with friends. they are precious to me, both the moments and friends themselves.

lara - still in labor. she and jeff left for the hospital finally at 8:30 tonight. meaning she has been in labor for about 43 hours. so new baby could be here now. for her sake i hope so. she must be pretty tired.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

labor pains

my housemate lara started having contractions this morning at 1 am. it's 10 pm and still no baby. man, screw all those movies where the lady suddenly goes into labor and they have a hilarious frenzied journey to get to the hospital barely on time. the flustered dad would be played by hugh grant or some other actor that is good at acting endearingly bumbling.

anyway, the doctor told her not to come into the hospital until the contratctions were 4 minutes apart or her water broke. we sat in the backyard chatting this afternoon and jeff her husband chalked up our new 4 square court. i've never been so close to a woman in labor, excluding my mom - one time being when i was born and the other two at the birth of my brothers, but i was too young to really figure out what was going on. so i try to hold back from peppering her with too many questions, but she is patient with me, and sometimes jeff and i can get her to laugh.

so hopefully sooner rather than later, their baby will enter the world. and we will have another (really small) housemate. and they will be parents. how crazy cool is that?

anyway, seeing lara breathe her way through a contraction makes the metaphor of creation groaning as a woman in labor for the return of Jesus and the full redemption of the world takes on new vividness for me. hey, i'm in theological school, of course i'm going to be thinking about this. i think we jump to the climactic part of the baby being pushed out because well, it's the most spectacular and painful part. but to see lara go about the day, waiting expectantly, quietly, tiredly because she's been up for the past 22 hours, and watching jeff attentively timing contractions by her side... this is a part of the process too. ordinary as it is, we go about our daily lives, the little things like errands, communicating with friends, eating, cooking, cleaning, dating and so on ... we feel the labor pains come on as we yearn for our redemption for life to be changed and returned to how it was meant to be. and we hope. and it hurts. but what's coming will be so amazing that the pain will be forgotten because it will all have been worth it. part of me feels guilty to have co-opted lara actual real pain to my little analogy. but the other part of me is glad to be reminded that these papers i am writing are not the whole of life, that there are important and miraculous things happening around me, and that there is much to hope for in the waiting.

i can't wait to meet lara and jeff's baby. i can't wait to babysit.

Monday, August 08, 2005

mmm... pork rinds

i am a lousy pool player. but give me a beer and some fries, and i am content attempt to try to improve my game. it's summer, and my attic room is stifling hot, but i'm mooching a free wireless connection, cranking my ceiling fan and it's all good.

papers and such loom, but for now i am happy to pretend to have a carefree regular life, for a few hours here and there. spent the weekend camping with some girlfriends, swimming, soaking in the sun, quoting simpsons lines, and reading poetry about love marriage and sex (it was a bachelorette-style camping weekend).

trying to live in the moment and enjoy myself, and also be responsible so i don't jack myself up once school starts.

waiting expectantly for my housemate lara to have her baby. which mean that our house will have a baby and i can inflict free babysitting on them. it seems like an altruistic gesture to give parents time to themselves, but really is selfishly motivated as i love to spend time with babies. the biological clock is ticking and all that stuff.

parents coming this weekend. hoping to welcome them into my world and that we can enjoy our time together, and perhaps grow to understand each other a little better.

august is full of stuff. good things ... weddings, time with friends. because after that the pressure cooker of school starts. wish august would stretch into forever full of long sunlit evenings playing pool, or video games, or four square.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

yet another quiz

well, i took another quiz thing, this time concerning which theologian i would be. i think perhaps this result is rather accurate though because everything if find on the internet is 100% reliable, right? right?

anyway, i have been considering suffering lately. i'd say from a safe distance, as i have led a rather charmed life. yet we all have our wounds and scars. i think for a long time i kept them from God, from others, and was ashamed of them. that view has changed, as i have had tastes of healing and grace. though i am a bit of a clown, and love to laugh, i have begun to see that one cannot truly laugh and find humor unless one is also prepared to plumb the other end of the spectrum, to grieve, to see pain. humor and laughter can be things of hope, of grace. well... that's what i've got so far. more to come as the thoughts develop.

i think i'm going to name my dog, if i ever have one, Jurgen.

You scored as Ju�rgen Moltmann.
The problem of evil is central to your thought, and only a
crucified God can show that God is not indifferent to human suffering.
Christian discipleship means identifying with suffering but also
anticipating the new creation of all things that God will bring about.

Ju�rgen Moltmann


John Calvin




Karl Barth


Friedrich Schleiermacher


Martin Luther


Charles Finney


Paul Tillich


Jonathan Edwards




Which theologian are you?
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


i'm 29 now. my birthday was last saturday.

through some strange turn of circumstances, it was the second birthday in a row that required me to spend most of the day on a bus to seattle. last year, it was to catch a plane to fly to san diego for a friend's wedding. this year, i only had to go to seattle to attend my friend's bridal shower (i'm a bridesmaid in the wedding, and her oldest friend). there are better ways of spending a birthday than being on a bus for 5 hours (traffic, paranoid border patrol and their drug-sniffing dogs) but i think there are worse ways too.

a few friends cooked up a birthday breakfast for me and we sat at picnic table at the beach to enjoy it. it's finally summer-like here. they armed me with an audio book for the journey and took me to the bus station. i made the rookie mistake of sitting on the sunny side of the bus, and was slowly baked to a crisp the whole way down. really, i've made the trip down there enough times to know to avoid this situation.

as mild sunstroke set in, i amused myself by imagining what i would like for my birthday dinner. i knew i'd get to pick because, hell, it was my birthday. i came up with two requirements as i came over the bridge into seattle and considered popping open the emergency exit window and throwing my scorched body into the bay, or sound, or whatever that body of water is: patio dining, and a humungous cobb salad. the salad that starts out healthy because it's a salad but then gets piled with toppings like bacon so it's not that healthy after all.

james and katie came through, and along with some other old friends, we dined at a restaurant overlooking downtown seattle and mt. rainier. besides the bus thing, it was great to have a chance to celebrate with different groups of friends, and to eat a heck of a lot of food. don't think i need much more than that.

katie's bridal shower, apart from being in an stifling hot living room, was fun. i have mixed feelings about these types of parties (like yay! a spoon!), but usually enjoy myself. it's cool to see how well she and james know each other now, and to see what they admire and value about each other. it's kind of a mysterious process how two people come together to be married. like you can't really explain it with a diagram or powerpoint presentation (thank goodness), but you can look at two people and see that's it's happening.

i've known katie for about 12 years now, my oldest friend. it was funny for me to see how well i knew katie from the little bridal shower games that we played. we've had ups and downs because of being awkward teenagers, and then being awkward twenty-somethings. i am assured that even though we may be in different places and circumstances, we'll be friends in some form or another. it takes time to get to a point like that. and work. and a lot of grace. i am glad to have a friend like her.

back to my paper. i also picked up a four square ball while i was in seattle (damn stores don't carry them up here. communists). beer and four square night is imminent.