Tuesday, February 27, 2007

way down east

hopping on a plane tonight. red-eye flights are painful, but it'll be good to have a change of scenery. even if it is 10-15 degrees colder where i'm going than where i am now. being in california again has made me a wimp in weather matters. excited to see old friends and to meet their old friends.

and to not have my mom ask me the same question 3 times and then remind me again 15 minutes later. aaaaaaahh. why have i not outgrown this?

the anthology that accepted my essay has a blog. i haven't contributed to it yet, but i'll get around to it soon. it's exciting to be in the company of other writers. i also submitted something to my church's monthly newsletter, this month it was stories about culture (ethnic/religous/etc.). i keep stumbling upon opportunities to present my writing publicly, besides my goofing around on this site. hopefully this momentum will keep building on itself. i'm still confused as to what direction my life is taking; some days it is exciting, other days, nerve-wracking, frustrating and everything in between.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

donuts... is there anything they can't do?

i got a part-time job today. after my london/rochester oudshoorn/mackenzie-wedding-celebration-sienna-play-time-drink-jeff-
kelly's-beer-fest-watching-junk-tv-with lara-extravaganza, i'm working at a restaurant near my house. the restaurant also houses an organic produce market/meat counter/wine section in the store. i'm working in that part of the business. i get to learn all about wine (free tastings of the new stuff!), and get discounts on good food. finally, some cash flow. during my interview, i told the manager all about the travesty that is the grapple. somehow, most people i tell about this don't share the same reaction of shock and dismay that i have.

went to an ash wednesday service tonight. church continues to feel more like a community. i don't feel so awkward standing around after church, and even have a running dialogue with my friend's husband trash-talking about the a's and the giants. it's good times for sure.

straw poll: the music leader is playing a tune on the piano during an extended time of individual prayer (pretty much anytime there isn't someone talking or singing). in your initial reaction, you find this: helpful or not helpful? why or why not? sometimes i'm just jonesing for some silence in my life, and also in a service.

p.s. after the final book sorting at church (which i will miss doing), i went outside and was shocked to find "my" lemon tree to be completely denuded of all the fruit. at first i thought maybe some kids had taken them to mix up an enormous batch of lemonade to sell in front of their house. then i remembered that the dish for last sunday's bistro (think: regent soup time after church but with more food) was a chicken dish with lemons and capers. at first i was a little sad that the secret was out (my friend showed off the lemons i brought her last week to the chef), but then i figured that was the best way for them to go. such is life.
i've also noticed in my town that rosemary is growing "wild" everywhere as decorative ground cover. anyone that buys it "fresh" from the store around here is a sucker.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now, lets talk rust-proofing. These Colecos'll rust up on ya like that! Shut up, Gil, close the deal!"

the logic board that the apple store installed back in january blinked out on me last night. so it is back in the store for a new new logic board. what the hell? is this my bad luck? am i doing something wrong with my computer? i don't understand. i am VERY annoyed. of course i am hoping it might happen again, and then i can raise customer service hell and get a new computer AGAIN. though i find that unlikely.

but while i was at the apple store, i ran into layne, a fellow regent alum. i knew he and his family were in the area, but i didn't know how to get a hold of them. it was like finding a long lost relative, or tribe member, or something like that. we caught up for a bit, shared our post-regent culture shock, and made tenative dinner plans with his fam after my trip out to the cold cold east. it was good to see a familiar face, that has shared the same experiences i have, that i don't have to explain that there is a city also named london in ontario, not just in england. little things like that go a long way.

my new obsession: borrowing cook books from the library. why did this not occur to me before? i have some jamie oliver and moosewood books. i'm trying to introduce some tasty vegetarian dishes to my meat eating family. don't get me wrong, i like meat; i just need some variety.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

the damning of grey's anatomy, part II

seriously grey's anatomy -my emotional attachment to you is getting unhealthy. you are fictional characters that i am love with. please stop making me cry.

on an unrelated note, i submitted an anthology of women's stories about growing up evangelical a few weeks ago. tonight i got an email that it was accepted into the collection. yes! hopefully this will actually make it all the way to publication.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i choo-choo-choose you

man, i never get tired of simpsons quotes.

been keeping busy. putting feelers out there, making contacts, working the angles. i remain hopeful. i am pleasantly surprised at myself with this.

i'm in the process of jumping through hoops to volunteer as a writer coach/tutor at a junior high school in berkeley that my church has chosen to partner with. i'm looking forward to some interaction with kids. any activity on the horizon is good.

another round of book sorting yesterday. i helped sift through the christian books to determine which ones they should keep in the library. part of me wanted to slip some books into my bag when no one was looking, but i decided that more people should have access to them. also, there are some crap books out there. there was a lengthy debate as to whether or not we should keep a copy of the prayer of jabez in the library - even writing about the book right now puts me on edge - and we ultimately decided to keep it just to have it around. i hope it gets stuck in a dusty corner somewhere.

but the best part of the day was afterward, when i walked out into the sunshine clutching my free copy of the cloister walk. i set eyes on a small lemon tree (more of a shrub size) hunkered down at the end of the long hedge. on a whim, i reached in and picked one. the sharp fragrance jumpstarted my senses. the skin was bumpy and the dirt on it was a satisfying sight compared to the shiny smooth waxiness of the grocery store produce. i showed it to my friend carol when i stopped by her office for my customary hug and piece of chocolate (or as i like to call chocolate "cheap antidepressants" mmm... serotonin. i suppose hugs are good for that too). she pointed out that the recent freeze in california has jacked up the price of lemons a lot. so on my way out could i pick her some? i cheerily agreed, further plundered the shrub and filled her office mailbox with the spoils. nothing says ... anything... like a box full o' citrus. moments like that make me happy to live in california and discover such things. small blessings.

sign of spring

pitchers and catchers report to training camp on friday. yes!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

boob tube review

heroes: kick ass in the great comic book tradition.
studio 60 on sunset strip: sanctimonious and not as clever (or funny) as the writers think that it is.

and another thing: ghost rider looks terrible.
i need to get out more.

that is all.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

in your face

after the scripture reading tonight at church, i heard the woman behind me whisper to her husband, "well... that's different."

the passage was from amos. 5:18-27 to be exact. and one thing's for sure, you cannot read anything from the prophets, sit back and think to yourself, "well, that was nice." no, the prophets get in your face, challenge you to examine your life, poke you out of lethargy, and throw some cold water in your face. in a good way. you also just can't go up to the pastor say "nice sermon" and then be on your merry way. so, yes, that is different.

Listen to the sermon series here. but beware of the above things happening to you. it's good stuff.

mark, the head pastor, just got his first book published. it's very exciting. also, he had nothing to do with the book cover and he hates it. i think it's a bit odd looking also. he gave everyone at the church a signed copy - that's a lot of free books. if it's anything like how he preaches, it's going to be pretty dang good. i'll let you know. he's teaching a class on it for the next few weeks.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

something mother nature never intended

i was at safeway the other day, and saw this in the produce section. this here's the "grapple" pronounced "grape-l." the slogan is "looks like an apple, tastes like a grape!" the grapple is SO what has been missing from my life. well, that and a job, but the grapple is far more bizarre. anyway, i went home that day and cursed the ambition of genetic modification. stop playing god, people!

today i checked the grapple website.. it must be seen to be believed. turns out the grapple is nothing more than a fuji apple that has been soaked in grape concentrate. doesn't that just sound awful? and they actually claim that is good for you. before i discovered this, my friend marc and i had been planning on making grapple pie - the new pastry for america. i'm a little disappointed at the composition of the grapple, but we might make the pie anyway.

i don't know what is worse: a genetically modified apple to taste like a grape, or a regular apple that has been soaked in artificial grape flavored sugar water. what's your vote?

you know what really would impress me, and put some zing in lunch? the tequilapple. plus, worms are found in both of them! that is so convenient!

Friday, February 09, 2007

less than perfect

last week in our ethnic reconciliation class, we were talking about barriers. things that keep us apart, from seeing eye to eye, from really understanding each other. we talked about how only god can really remove these barriers and make us a whole community. the pastor asked us to name barriers within our own church before we prayed about them to end class that day. there were good things named, and then it degenerated into "our church should do this..." "church doesn't do that..." as people went on, i started getting annoyed. i wanted to tell them that they really didn't know how good they've got it. they weren't totally off base, though, i'll give them that. but come on.

because NEWSFLASH: the church isn't perfect. you are not perfect. i am not perfect. and if you don't get that, they you're kind of missing the point of what church can be or is for. i keep thinking of the scene in good will hunting where robin williams keeps repeating "it's not your fault" over and over again to matt damon. i feel like i'm learning this over and over again. and receiving the gift of grace over and over again.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


that damn grey's anatomy ... one riveting hour of television.

book mooch

i helped sort books for the church book sale again this week. this time i scored a hardback edition of gilead for my efforts. not bad. i also scoped out a few books, and i've got a person on the inside (read: church staff) who can pick them up for me since they get first dibs. this time i sorted the devotional/spiritual growth sections, as opposed to the enormous pile of nonfiction books last time. this time i worked with a gruff but genial older man, and a woman that has been taking classes at fuller. i enjoyed talking to her, at one point she had been trying to get arts stuff off the ground at church. so we talked about that, the book of common prayer, the episcopal church and books (of course). refreshing. stopped by the office of my friend on the inside because she always gives me chocolate and i called it an afternoon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

bouncing back

how to ease rejection: get wined and dined by an old friend (actually beered and chicken pot pied at a cool comfort food restaurant called what else: Home). then see good friend molly jenson play a rockin' show at a club called the make-out room. ha! here's another plug for her music and general all-around awesomeness.

back at it today. brainstorming. trolling the interweb. praying for rain.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

square one

so, after all the waiting and interviewing, and the calling and not getting called back... the nonprofit said no.
i wasn't very surprised, considering them being noncommunicative.

frustrating, no?

i expended my negative energy yesterday, so i'm not really worked up.
what next? any ideas? anyone? bueller?

i'm in on the commune. i can babysit, provide laughs and write things down.

Monday, February 05, 2007

mixed bag

one less thing i have to wait for: the 2007 honda fit! the day after i ranted about it not being here, it arrived. it's blue and cute and cool and i have fun driving it. and it get 37mpg on the freeway, 31 in the city. which aint bad at all. apparently it's a hugely popular car, and demand has been pretty high. so i'm one of those cool people who has something lots of people want. not a position i have customarily found myself in. i'm getting high off the new car smell.

so that's something i'm happy about. i am less excited, in fact frustrated, if not totally pissed off that
a) i've heard nothing from the nonprofit so far. i've called, i've emailed. nothing. rude, if you ask me.
b) mr. recruiter fool at the temp agency has been less than helpful. he said my lack of demonstrated advertising/professional writing experience discounts me from jobs that my brother describes "are so easy a monkey could do them". or something like that. that's not exactly what he said. still, it was not very encouraging.

ugh. must think of next step. get some semblance of forward motion. maybe punch something. eat more cookies.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

people watching

much as i abhor mega-chain-stores, i am currently having a blast sitting in this here barnes and noble. the author of sisterhood of travelling pants is signing books downstairs, and i don't think i've ever seen so many adolescent girls excited about a book before. i find it refreshing. it reminds me of when i was a a teenage bookworm. of course i am now an adult bookworm, so it's not really much of a stretch of the imagination.

also this particular barnes and noble and accompanying starbucks (frighteningly, there are two more in a one block radius of this bookstore) appears to be a convenient location for casual internet setup dates. the tables are so close here, i feel like i'm also included in this one particular date. fascinating. perhaps i can pick up some game here. although she's already broached the subject of nightmare ex-boyfriends, and i know that is definitely not something to discuss in an initial conversation. i've turned up my itunes and put on my earphones but i can still hear her. argh! i wish her luck. he seems like a good sport.

back to my anthology submission. it's a day late, and i don't know how to end it. shoot.