Wednesday, February 21, 2007

donuts... is there anything they can't do?

i got a part-time job today. after my london/rochester oudshoorn/mackenzie-wedding-celebration-sienna-play-time-drink-jeff-
kelly's-beer-fest-watching-junk-tv-with lara-extravaganza, i'm working at a restaurant near my house. the restaurant also houses an organic produce market/meat counter/wine section in the store. i'm working in that part of the business. i get to learn all about wine (free tastings of the new stuff!), and get discounts on good food. finally, some cash flow. during my interview, i told the manager all about the travesty that is the grapple. somehow, most people i tell about this don't share the same reaction of shock and dismay that i have.

went to an ash wednesday service tonight. church continues to feel more like a community. i don't feel so awkward standing around after church, and even have a running dialogue with my friend's husband trash-talking about the a's and the giants. it's good times for sure.

straw poll: the music leader is playing a tune on the piano during an extended time of individual prayer (pretty much anytime there isn't someone talking or singing). in your initial reaction, you find this: helpful or not helpful? why or why not? sometimes i'm just jonesing for some silence in my life, and also in a service.

p.s. after the final book sorting at church (which i will miss doing), i went outside and was shocked to find "my" lemon tree to be completely denuded of all the fruit. at first i thought maybe some kids had taken them to mix up an enormous batch of lemonade to sell in front of their house. then i remembered that the dish for last sunday's bistro (think: regent soup time after church but with more food) was a chicken dish with lemons and capers. at first i was a little sad that the secret was out (my friend showed off the lemons i brought her last week to the chef), but then i figured that was the best way for them to go. such is life.
i've also noticed in my town that rosemary is growing "wild" everywhere as decorative ground cover. anyone that buys it "fresh" from the store around here is a sucker.


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