Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now, lets talk rust-proofing. These Colecos'll rust up on ya like that! Shut up, Gil, close the deal!"

the logic board that the apple store installed back in january blinked out on me last night. so it is back in the store for a new new logic board. what the hell? is this my bad luck? am i doing something wrong with my computer? i don't understand. i am VERY annoyed. of course i am hoping it might happen again, and then i can raise customer service hell and get a new computer AGAIN. though i find that unlikely.

but while i was at the apple store, i ran into layne, a fellow regent alum. i knew he and his family were in the area, but i didn't know how to get a hold of them. it was like finding a long lost relative, or tribe member, or something like that. we caught up for a bit, shared our post-regent culture shock, and made tenative dinner plans with his fam after my trip out to the cold cold east. it was good to see a familiar face, that has shared the same experiences i have, that i don't have to explain that there is a city also named london in ontario, not just in england. little things like that go a long way.

my new obsession: borrowing cook books from the library. why did this not occur to me before? i have some jamie oliver and moosewood books. i'm trying to introduce some tasty vegetarian dishes to my meat eating family. don't get me wrong, i like meat; i just need some variety.


Lara said...

I've been making some very yummy things out of the Moosewood Collective (it's got a yellow cover and purple binding). I'll have to show off some of my favorites WHILE YOU"RE HERE!!! YES!!!

The Gilchrists said...

I know the feeling of seeing someone from Regent and feeling like it's a taste of home. It's as if they get where you've come from, even if you never spent time with them while you were there.

mojo said...

hi gilchrists! getting a comment from a long lost regent friend is almost, but not quite as exciting as seeing a regent friend face-to-face. you know what i mean.