Saturday, February 10, 2007

something mother nature never intended

i was at safeway the other day, and saw this in the produce section. this here's the "grapple" pronounced "grape-l." the slogan is "looks like an apple, tastes like a grape!" the grapple is SO what has been missing from my life. well, that and a job, but the grapple is far more bizarre. anyway, i went home that day and cursed the ambition of genetic modification. stop playing god, people!

today i checked the grapple website.. it must be seen to be believed. turns out the grapple is nothing more than a fuji apple that has been soaked in grape concentrate. doesn't that just sound awful? and they actually claim that is good for you. before i discovered this, my friend marc and i had been planning on making grapple pie - the new pastry for america. i'm a little disappointed at the composition of the grapple, but we might make the pie anyway.

i don't know what is worse: a genetically modified apple to taste like a grape, or a regular apple that has been soaked in artificial grape flavored sugar water. what's your vote?

you know what really would impress me, and put some zing in lunch? the tequilapple. plus, worms are found in both of them! that is so convenient!

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