Thursday, February 08, 2007

book mooch

i helped sort books for the church book sale again this week. this time i scored a hardback edition of gilead for my efforts. not bad. i also scoped out a few books, and i've got a person on the inside (read: church staff) who can pick them up for me since they get first dibs. this time i sorted the devotional/spiritual growth sections, as opposed to the enormous pile of nonfiction books last time. this time i worked with a gruff but genial older man, and a woman that has been taking classes at fuller. i enjoyed talking to her, at one point she had been trying to get arts stuff off the ground at church. so we talked about that, the book of common prayer, the episcopal church and books (of course). refreshing. stopped by the office of my friend on the inside because she always gives me chocolate and i called it an afternoon.

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Lara said...

is that a good book? i thought about reading it, it's on the pulitzer list.