Friday, February 09, 2007

less than perfect

last week in our ethnic reconciliation class, we were talking about barriers. things that keep us apart, from seeing eye to eye, from really understanding each other. we talked about how only god can really remove these barriers and make us a whole community. the pastor asked us to name barriers within our own church before we prayed about them to end class that day. there were good things named, and then it degenerated into "our church should do this..." "church doesn't do that..." as people went on, i started getting annoyed. i wanted to tell them that they really didn't know how good they've got it. they weren't totally off base, though, i'll give them that. but come on.

because NEWSFLASH: the church isn't perfect. you are not perfect. i am not perfect. and if you don't get that, they you're kind of missing the point of what church can be or is for. i keep thinking of the scene in good will hunting where robin williams keeps repeating "it's not your fault" over and over again to matt damon. i feel like i'm learning this over and over again. and receiving the gift of grace over and over again.

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