Tuesday, February 27, 2007

way down east

hopping on a plane tonight. red-eye flights are painful, but it'll be good to have a change of scenery. even if it is 10-15 degrees colder where i'm going than where i am now. being in california again has made me a wimp in weather matters. excited to see old friends and to meet their old friends.

and to not have my mom ask me the same question 3 times and then remind me again 15 minutes later. aaaaaaahh. why have i not outgrown this?

the anthology that accepted my essay has a blog. i haven't contributed to it yet, but i'll get around to it soon. it's exciting to be in the company of other writers. i also submitted something to my church's monthly newsletter, this month it was stories about culture (ethnic/religous/etc.). i keep stumbling upon opportunities to present my writing publicly, besides my goofing around on this site. hopefully this momentum will keep building on itself. i'm still confused as to what direction my life is taking; some days it is exciting, other days, nerve-wracking, frustrating and everything in between.


Katie S Brown said...

make sure to post pics of your trip!!! Have so much fun!!!

eric molina said...

way to forget your beanie in the car.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the writing acceptance.


jane said...

We want a SIENNA BLOG!!!

Annalese said...

hey aud! congrats on the anthology! when do you get back from your trip? your online fans await your updates. :)