Sunday, February 11, 2007

in your face

after the scripture reading tonight at church, i heard the woman behind me whisper to her husband, "well... that's different."

the passage was from amos. 5:18-27 to be exact. and one thing's for sure, you cannot read anything from the prophets, sit back and think to yourself, "well, that was nice." no, the prophets get in your face, challenge you to examine your life, poke you out of lethargy, and throw some cold water in your face. in a good way. you also just can't go up to the pastor say "nice sermon" and then be on your merry way. so, yes, that is different.

Listen to the sermon series here. but beware of the above things happening to you. it's good stuff.

mark, the head pastor, just got his first book published. it's very exciting. also, he had nothing to do with the book cover and he hates it. i think it's a bit odd looking also. he gave everyone at the church a signed copy - that's a lot of free books. if it's anything like how he preaches, it's going to be pretty dang good. i'll let you know. he's teaching a class on it for the next few weeks.

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