Thursday, February 15, 2007

the damning of grey's anatomy, part II

seriously grey's anatomy -my emotional attachment to you is getting unhealthy. you are fictional characters that i am love with. please stop making me cry.

on an unrelated note, i submitted an anthology of women's stories about growing up evangelical a few weeks ago. tonight i got an email that it was accepted into the collection. yes! hopefully this will actually make it all the way to publication.


Dan Ray said...

That Grey's ep was pretty amazing. But I have some issues...

a. Why did meridith not swim to the doc?
b. How ON EARTH did McDreamy find her when he was just looking at a vast open pool of water (harbor water is not clear, is it?)
c. C'mon, shes not seriously going to die. the show is called GREY'S anatomy. She dies, show dies. There's no way she can die. ... is there?

- mctacomeat

Lara said...

it's actually called GREY's after her mom who did videos and maybe a textbook or something. that's my understanding, but no, she's not going to die. Denny is going to tell her she needs to try to hang on and to give some heart breaking message to Izzy. That's what I think anyway. I like that they brought the bomb guy back in though, he was cool and definitely didn't deserve to blow up.

Dan Ray said...

He's the coach from Friday Night Lights

Katie S Brown said...

Oh yay! That is so great Aud. Congrats! (not the Grey's Anatomy part)

mojo said...

it's a play on words. gray's anatomy is a classic medical text book. check it on wikipedia. wikipedia has everything.

and thanks katie!

Anonymous said...

way to go aud. can't wait to see your name in print (other than Regent's library, of course!)