Friday, June 11, 2010

new style american blogger

saw there was a new feature on blogger and thought i'd try it out. thoughts?

i slept for 13 hours last night (my friends with children are rolling their eyes). still working like a dog. switching it up though, so the schedule will be more flexible and i'll be doing things that are a little more fun, but still basically working like a dog. still making up for that year or so i was unemployed. having an income is good. finding that being a bigger person in a situation to be a little bit overrated right now. and that's life as we know it.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the way of the dodo

Giving two week's notice when you are leaving a job - the courteous/professional thing to do, or just something that doesn't matter anymore, like wearing white shoes after labor day? just curious as to anyone's opinion

Friday, June 04, 2010

sold my soul for rock and/or roll

tomorrow - well, today, since it's after midnight - is a real honest to goodness day off in a really long time. like at least a month or so. dental surgery doesn't count because i had to get a freakin tooth pulled out of my jaw, although it was a period of enforced rest that was full of drugs and ice cream. technically, i don't work on sunday at either of my jobs but. sometimes going to church exhausts me (and feels like another job even after i stopped working at the church).

i feel like i've forgotten how to rest. besides falling asleep with my book in my hands and my contacts still in and the lights still on. it's been a bit of survival mode over the past few months. and i've been down this road before. and farther on down in ain't pretty. i catch myself short on patience with others and myself. i let slights or grudges fester. i am a faster and harsher judge. i am cranky. and i don't like being that way.

hoping for rest and refreshment. craving encouragement and laughs. desiring to regain wonder and imagination.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

this guy

in keeping with my last post related to anonymous relationship set-up over text, i figured i should relate this story...

last week, i tried the vietnamese restaurant down the street from my internship. since my dental surgery, i have developed a craving for pho, the tasty soup dish. the restaurant was mostly empty, save for one large party on one side of the dining area. when the host said i could sit anywhere i liked, i picked the closest small table. it was next to another table with a newspaper on it, but it looked like that person had left and just left the paper there.

i space out while waiting for my food, texting friends or something, when i hear, "oh, hello." i look up and it's an older man in a SF parking enforcement uniform. "um... hi," i say. you readers in blogland know how much i love small talk.

he sits down and unfolds his paper, smiling and saying, "well, if you have any questions about sf parking, now's the time to ask!"

in my mind: "... is that a pick up line? i'm confused." after pausing, i end up saying, "well it's not san francisco i really have a beef with about parking, it's oakland's parking enforcement." which is true - i get more parking tickets than i should in that city, i think they are just trying to keep the city from going broke. what i'd really like to have said was: "wow, has that line really worked with the ladies? it must be the uniform." he chuckles awkwardly and goes back to reading his paper, and i dig into my meal.