Wednesday, September 22, 2010


last week: took care of 2 very old, very smelly pugs, in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. how sketchy? the front door had one of those super heavy iron front doors with 2 deadbolts on it. then the regular front door with 1 deadbolt. the first time i got there it took me like 5 minutes to get inside. the aged alien-life-form pugs did not provide additional security. however: dishTV & internet.

this week: one aged collie/lab mix, and two little birds. house in a safe neighborhood, but also in the boonies. only 3 tv channels available: PBS, the christian channel, and one of those minor channels that has reruns of other shows and is mostly paid advertising. no internet. thus, i am at starbucks. a lot. it's only wednesday and i feel like i've been here for a week. living in someone else's clutter is agitating. i find my attachment to technology to be more than a little bit humbling.

ready to be at home again.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

escalating a situation

i got hit in the neck with a water balloon tonight. from a distance of five feet. oh, youth group. it started with tossing cushions around the youth room earlier in the evening.

of course, i had started the whole thing. he was on his ipod, so i had to hit him while he was in his own world. we call that "reaching out." then he tried to hit me with a larger pillow. at this point i explained to this kid the economics of youth and youth staff interaction. see... i'm not even when i get even. i get even, and then i get them back again -- that's when we're "even."

i'm fairly sure that these are the very words my own youth group leader used when a few of us were messing around. of course, my own high school youth group was fairly violent - a friend of mine was so terrified of the guys' wedgie wars that he perforated the waist band of his underwear so that it would come off more easily and spare him a great deal of pain. sometimes i'm so glad i'm a girl.

in spite of my warning, he apparently stalked me for most of the evening with a water balloon. somehow i refrained from spouting off some serious curse words in front of all the kids and parents milling around after youth group, because it freakin' hurt. i chased him, because i was fully prepared to commit to a flying tackle on cement to exact revenge. another dad grabbed him for me, but i decided that an adult woman giving a freshman boy a wedgie would be inappropriate. i noticed that i still had a full nalgene bottle of water in my backpack, so as he walked back to his dad's car, i followed him and got him full in the face with the entire 32 oz. of said bottle. WRECKED. and now we're even. and that is effective youth ministry work, folks.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

an american classic

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they went to disneyland, and all i got was this matching t-shirt. an awesome matching t-shirt. a moment of silence for the memory of the king of pop.