Wednesday, September 22, 2010


last week: took care of 2 very old, very smelly pugs, in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. how sketchy? the front door had one of those super heavy iron front doors with 2 deadbolts on it. then the regular front door with 1 deadbolt. the first time i got there it took me like 5 minutes to get inside. the aged alien-life-form pugs did not provide additional security. however: dishTV & internet.

this week: one aged collie/lab mix, and two little birds. house in a safe neighborhood, but also in the boonies. only 3 tv channels available: PBS, the christian channel, and one of those minor channels that has reruns of other shows and is mostly paid advertising. no internet. thus, i am at starbucks. a lot. it's only wednesday and i feel like i've been here for a week. living in someone else's clutter is agitating. i find my attachment to technology to be more than a little bit humbling.

ready to be at home again.

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