Monday, February 05, 2007

mixed bag

one less thing i have to wait for: the 2007 honda fit! the day after i ranted about it not being here, it arrived. it's blue and cute and cool and i have fun driving it. and it get 37mpg on the freeway, 31 in the city. which aint bad at all. apparently it's a hugely popular car, and demand has been pretty high. so i'm one of those cool people who has something lots of people want. not a position i have customarily found myself in. i'm getting high off the new car smell.

so that's something i'm happy about. i am less excited, in fact frustrated, if not totally pissed off that
a) i've heard nothing from the nonprofit so far. i've called, i've emailed. nothing. rude, if you ask me.
b) mr. recruiter fool at the temp agency has been less than helpful. he said my lack of demonstrated advertising/professional writing experience discounts me from jobs that my brother describes "are so easy a monkey could do them". or something like that. that's not exactly what he said. still, it was not very encouraging.

ugh. must think of next step. get some semblance of forward motion. maybe punch something. eat more cookies.


Jen R. said...

hey there's lots of jobs by us :)

Katie S Brown said...

Let's see the car already!! Did you hit up the bux yet??

Lara said...

jobs suck! really, I'm hating Jeff working two pissy jobs so we can buy Sienna her organic milk and pay health insurance. let's go start a commune where we can do what we want and share with each other. We get dibs on chickens, veggie crops and pottery. Who's in?

jen said...

lara, count us in!