Thursday, July 12, 2007

"amusement" parks

we went to great america earlier this week. i think there are two groups of people - who, when they hear about roller coasters - one group says, "yeah! awesome!" and the other group rolls their eyes. i am of the latter, but for the sake of kids, i will ride them. roller coasters used to freak me out when i was younger. and now, well now, i think they give me whiplash.

seriously, i have been popping the advil and feeling stiff since then. yesterday i had a migraine. after our first ride, iwas pretty sure most of my brain had been pushed to the back of my skull, so i'm sure that had something to do with it. of course, i'm sure it didn't help that i really enjoy going on the bumper cars and schooling kids. sometimes i get competitive. i like trash talking. two thoughts prevail: 1)i'm getting paid for this! haha! and 2) i'm too old to get thrashed at great america. hmmm... a conundrum.

on one hand i enjoy the shared experiences with kids in this setting. and on the other hand, i wonder what the heck is up with the concept of roller coasters and "amusement" parks. i find them unnatural. we're that starved for "thrills"? we need a 30 second ride to get our adrenaline going and for what? i ate a funnel cake (because hey, when was the last time i had a funnel cake) and wisely chose to avoid being spun around at high speeds for a while.

anyway, all that being said, i still like being with kids. they make me laugh. in a good way.

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