Tuesday, September 04, 2007

tongue in cheek

i remember about this time 2 years ago (how time flies) with my crazy dreadlocked housemate, sitting around our back deck trying to come up with funny ideas for a certain student publication.

God's Lesser Known Preferential Options
Diet Coke
Gay Marriage
the short
the serial comma?

I'll leave you guy guess which ones were mine and which one's were dan's. in poor taste perhaps, though if you know dan, he never has much truck with that kind of thing (good taste, i mean, have you seen the guy's t-shirts? really!) - and i kind of wanted to rattle some cages to see what would happen. besides, random theological humor doesn't really have legs outside that crowd (and sometimes regular theology doesn't either). we never ended up using this, which was fine since i had enough ruffled feathers to deal with then.


dan said...

Heck yes, that was a great conversation! How did I ever forget it? I was laughing again at the memory.

However, I still feel as though that category has a ton of untapped potential. We should work on that list...

Much love.

dan said...

Oooo, here's another:



mojo said...

i love dan!


who'd a thought?

dan said...

Rich people who feel sorta guilty about being rich!