Wednesday, October 29, 2008

differently abled

a while back, i went to the "how berkeley can you be" festival. basically, it's like most street fairs - freshly popped kettle corn, handmade crafts and such. apparently the being as berkeley as you can involves gluing strange objects to your car, say, poker chips, markers, or dinosaur figurines.

bands played all afternoon, and we lolled in the grass while eating overpriced food. my friends and i noticed this girl tumbling and dancing exuberantly to the music. cartwheels, somersaults, handstands, other little acrobatic moves that i can't name. about half an hour later, she was still twirling with the same energy, and we were impressed. then we realized that she had one leg. we couldn't tell how high the prosthetic went, if it was up to her knee or what. you could tell from the way she danced that this was a non-issue for her. when i was the same age as her i think i managed pretty good somersalts and that was about it with my two good legs.

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