Monday, November 30, 2009


oh weezer. your music always makes me happy and want to play in my car at high volume. rivers may be the most adorable dorky guy ever. conan o' brian also fits in that category. and joseph gordon-levitt.
broadway dance number. sweater vest. check. (i haven't even seen this movie yet.)


jeff said...

where did they get the guy on drums??? i can just imagine the ad they placed... and c obrian is a tall person with a large head.

mojo said...

dude. that's max weinberg. former drummer for bruce springsteen. band leader for the late show. show some respect!

apparently, rivers would like to be more wacky on stage so their drummer moved over to guitar and they get other drummers to fill in. it's a little odd to see him dance around on stage.

also, conan is frickin' hilarious! that is the way to my heart. even if he does look like a bobblehead.