Monday, February 15, 2010

oh, you

i volunteered at the dining room today. because of my part-time job (more on that in a sec), i try to go when i can. there are usually groups of high school kids volunteering as part of their religion class (if they go to a catholic school) or just community service (godless public schools. i kid, i kid). i like seeing how they interact with the people who eat in the dining room.

this one kid has several golden quotes, as he is one of those loudmouth types that just says whatever is on his mind. i alternated between laughing to myself and wanting to turn around and punch him in the face.
1. he spotted a cute girl in line for lunch and then proceeded to tell his friend the life he envisioned she had. "i bet she's 18 or 19, 20 at the most. she just likes living life and coming down here, and bring her friends too. she just likes living life and then is going to college in the fall. bla bla bla."
2. he looks around at the people lined up for lunch and declares, "you know i feel bad for them and all, but it's THEIR OWN FAULT." referring to the low-income/homeless situation they were in. i almost turned around and gave him an earful, but i realized that wouldn't change his mind. i probably also thought the same thing when i was his age, i just kept it to myself.
3. "MAN, WHAT TIME IS IT?" his friend points to the clock on the wall. "MAN, I CAN'T READ THAT!" he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket to get the time. i really hope he was joking on that one but i'm not sure.

when i was bussing tables, some airborne eggplant landed in my tray. i looked up and realized that an old lady at other end of the table had flung her undesired side dish my way. i thought that was kind of rude and got out of dodge before i became an eggplant backboard. i heard splat as i walked away, when i turned around i saw that he had just strewn the rest of the eggplant across the table. go figure.

anyway, not a whole lot else happening. just the regular stuff in life i guess. for me a walk on the wild side consists of wearing weird socks with my work uniform. socks are the only part of my work wear that are not specifically declared to be black. no one can see them since i am wearing long pants and standing behind a counter, but it makes me happy. i'm such a dork.

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