Monday, March 22, 2010

picture this...

i was asked to read scripture for last week's service. i've done it before, so now my palms don't get as sweaty from nerves. usually the scripture reader has their own mic, but this time i had to use the same mic as one of the singers. she, of course, is a taller than me.

i lower the mic towards me without incident, and i announce the scripture passage for that morning. then i realize that the music stand is actually directly in front of my face, between me and the congregation. i pause and lower it. so what you hear me say is something like this...

"today's scripture reading is John 15:1-12."
(pause to move stand down)

"now i can see all of you..."
(brief pause again)

"... uh, that wasn't part of it."

chuckles all around.
"ok, this is really it now... " read actual passage.

why am i so awkward? why do i enjoy it so much?

1 comment:

jane said...

If someone told me that story and said, "Guess who this happened to?" I could only guess you. I love it!