Thursday, April 05, 2012


not much to report. i got a cat. keep your cat lady jokes to yourself. seriously. not appreciated. also not true.

i named her rhubarb because i like both the word and the vegetable itself. especially in pies. anyway, she is super cute and it's nice to have some interaction when i get home to my place. i was sick with a bad cold early in march, and there's only so much netflix you can watch when you are laid up. seriously. also having this little creature keeps me from being too slobby. not just because i clean up after her, but i also can't leave a pile of clothes on the floor of my closet because she'd probably burrow right in and make herself at home. rhubarb is 2 years old and she came from a hoarder situation apparently, that's what they told me at the spca. and she was at the shelter for 2 months and then another month at the spca while they treated her being malnourished and an ear infection. she's had a hard go of it so far. it's been cool to see her relax more into the space here. the first night, she wouldn't leave the box and now she sleeps at the foot of my bed.

what you expected me to talk about work and other life details? i have to tell you, it's not that exciting. and who wants to hear me complain. rhubarb is way more fun.

i also got this sweet bike with this cool green paint job. my friend suggested that i name it chard, in keeping with leafy vegetables. chard... sounds like it would be a boys name. like one of sarah palin's children. ha! rhubarb and chard. together they are also known as 'tax refund'.

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