Friday, April 03, 2009

diverse interests

hung out with some parents, youth staff and graduating seniors tonight. talked a bit about the transition to college and whatnot with them. good food, good laughs, good people - a recipe for a good evening. topped off with the hot tub of the mansion i'm house-sitting (yes i'm back here for a week) and that's a winner of a friday night.

made me think about my own time in college and what that was like. seriously - i graduated 11 years ago? 11? man, that was a long time ago (interestingly, the recruit is on tv right now while writing this and i can still recognize most of the DC locations where they filmed). most of college was spent thusly: going to crew practice, busting my ass at crew practice, leaving practice, eating, going to extra workout, busting my ass doing extra workout, leaving extra workout, eating more, going to class, picking my callused rowing hands in class, and then sleeping. sometimes i showered. along the way, made some lifelong friends in spite of smelling bad for most of 4 years and really started to be responsible for my own faith.

the end of lent approaches... hopefully i will keep blogging on a regular basis. this has been a fun exercise, and i've noticed that i'm more attentive to the world around me. more appreciative of the details. like when i talked about welding with the guy at the intersection ... i knew i was going to blog about that. this is just something that's good for me, whether or not people are reading this.

so palm sunday approaches... things i'm thinking about doing on sunday, in addition to regularly scheduled church programming ... maybe this, followed by this. reflective of what a well-rounded person i am. anyone want to come along? i mean it'd be fun, but more fun with other people. and i'd be more likely to follow through on this.

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