Thursday, April 23, 2009

hedging bets

yeah, i was right. after temperatures in the 90s over the past few days, tomorrow it's supposed to drop a whopping 30 degrees for tomorrow. and maybe rain on friday. what in the world? it's actually pretty welcome relief.

oh lord. i'm talking about the weather on the blog. my apologies.

status: holding steady. still no job. i'm hanging in there. considering selling my plasma. i'm not that desperate (yet). besides, i heard it doesn't even really pay that well. i kind of want to do it just so i could write about it. has anyone actually done this? please share.


Annalese said...

my brother-in-law does it weekly or however often they let you. it funds all the things my sister doesn't approve of for the budget. :)

Jane said...

rachel's friend had eggs harvested and sold them (she was doing it more as a donation to be nice but she got paid big bucks)......