Thursday, January 14, 2010

music flashback

just another opportunity to date myself and be an old fogey on a porch talking about the good ol' days before mp3s.

first tape ever owned: my parents bought me and my brother "thriller" by michael jackson and "color by numbers" by the culture club. i think a few months later, i unraveled the culture club tape because it was fun.

last tape bought: "electric youth" by debbie gibson. this did not happen in the 80's but about 4 years ago for 50 cents at a thrift store and given immediately to my friend rochelle. as far as i know, she played it once, and our friend margo almost ripped off her ears while we listened to it.

favorite tape: "nevermind" by nirvana. "smells like teen spirit" was a high school anthem. though i had no idea what i had to be so angry about. ah teen angst.

first cd: "dookie" by green day. an xmas present from my brother. i was confused by this until i opened the next present from my parents which was a discman. in the era where it had to be completely stationary and flat so that it wouldn't skip. still a pretty kick ass cd.

cd i regret buying: "cracked rear view" by hootie and the blowfish. i'm sure there are others, but this is the first one i thought of. in college, i also thought going to TGI Friday's was really fun. i also thought rusted root was going to be the next big band. then i realized being stoned helped listening to jam bands. not that i was ever stoned. no, really.

last cd bought: "volume 1" by she & him. i sort of love and hate zooey deschanel. she's cute and fun and a good singer. but really? her multiple talents make me jealous. anyway, it's a fun cd. volume 2 comes out in a few months.

weigh in: i've had this dilemma for a while - buy a song from itunes and thus don't contribute to the whole enviromental waste mess and maybe being more "green" (this is questionable); or buy the album from your local indie music store? i have usually opted for the later, but was wondering what people thought.


Lara said...

I think my first cd was a meatloaf one that my brother got me for Christmas, but then I got the best of CCR and sort of redeemed myself. My brother was really into music (meatloaf aside) and swayed my taste thoroughly so I listened to rush, green day and barenaked ladies before they were cool (seriously, this was when only the college radio stations played them). Then Ben Folds (who rocked as a judge on that singing show) and squirell nut zippers, sigh the good ole days. Anyhoo, we go for itunes as there is no local record store that I know of and i'd never buy stuff at walmart!

dan said...

Hmmm... the first tape I bought was Soul Asylum and the last tape I bought was an N. T. Wright lecture series on Philippians.

Favourite tape? Probably would have been the black album by Metallica.

I don't remember my first CD, but in terms of regrets the first thing that comes to mind is Jars of Clays (I'm blushing). The last CD I bought was the Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection (for Charlie)... but I mostly don't pay for music anymore.

dan said...

Off topic -- the Legends of the Fall post you put on my blog is now my most viewed post of all time (with 1000+ views!). It gets half a dozen hits every day. So, while each new post on my blog may get around 300 hits, they all fade away, and good ol' Brad Pitt keeps poking away and poking away and now runs the show (by the way, did I mention that I look like Brad Pitt in that movie?).