Thursday, August 31, 2006

"my cat's breath smells like cat food" - ralph wiggum

at some point early this morning i woke up to our rather large cat, bosco, sitting on my back. bizarre.

i'm taking a copy editing class at the uc berkeley extension. it starts next week. all in the name of marketability. i'm hoping it's not a complete waste of time. i had this really awesome english teacher in junior high who drilled grammar rules into my head so i feel like i've got a bit of a leg up in that area. we'll see. it might be fun. and as things continue to be up in the air, i may as well continue being a student.

my brother got a macbook pro for school. i am drooling with jealousy. at least apple is giving me a new battery so my computer doesn't burst into flames.

most boring post ever.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... the cat story reminds me of another friend of ours...


mojo said...

wait, what? who are you talking about? i'm racking my brain but i can't think of anyone.