Sunday, October 01, 2006

my favorite canadian-californian.

happy birthday wishes to jane halton, one of vancouver's finest. and i do mean FINE.

jane hits the big 3-0 today. welcome to the thirties, my friend. jane is a champion chickenfoot player (her inaugural victory celebration is at the left), a discerning burrito lover, and diet coke addict. for the sake of our friendship, i am willing to overlook the fact that she likes the LA dodgers.


Anonymous said...

thanks aud.
now i'm as old as you!

Katie S Brown said...

So those signs I saw that said "Jane's 30!" hanging up kind of near UC, were those for you Jane?? Crazy! Happy birthday!

jane said...

oh my goodness...i hope sara bywaters is reading this blog....yes, by uc, the bus loop, all over the pool...good times.
hey jane's 30

Katie S Brown said...

YES!!! I totally saw it and thought of you but didnt know it was your bday. That's so great. I am so happy I saw that.