Monday, October 09, 2006

o, canada

rather than call attention to the politically incorrect holiday we recognize in america that recalls some lost sailors, indigenous people and the following years of oppression, i would like to wish all five of my blog readers a happy thanksgiving, canadian style. note the cornucopia. mmm... cornucopia.

advantages of canadian thanksgiving: less commercialism than american thanksgiving, it's on a monday so if you play your cards right you can have up to maybe 7 thanksgiving-type meals with different people, it's earlier in the year so that's kind of cool, and it's in canada. thinking of thanksgiving makes me immediately crave green bean casserole. and mashed potatos and gravy. i've always been way more into the side dishes than the actual turkey.

things i am thankful for: it is 79 degrees outside, friends near and far, and the yankees lost in the playoffs while the a's won (a's second baseman marco "mr. clutch" scutaro, dh frank thomas aka "large gary coleman" and pitcher barry "dreamboat" zito in particular).

i am glad to actually have lived in canada to celebrate thanksgiving there. sometimes i still expect to see the labels of stuff in french. mmm... pamplemousse. happy thanksgiving to those celebrating it today!


Jeffrey said...

I miss Canadian thanksgiving too! It's weird how once you feel a part of a culture how much you can miss it. My heart warms for Canadians on their day of pie and bird!

Lara said...

the above comment was me, oops.

ajt said...

Just got home from my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner of the weekend. And have to get up in the wee hours to prepare for a Thanksgiving Chapel tomorrow morning...Ian & Vanessa Panth are going to tell the story of their boys and introduce them to the community...all with a little help from Darrell Johnson and 8 or 9 string players....mmm...should be good. But it's scary to be ready when I didn't get to go to work today. Miss you.

Katie S Brown said...

Pamplemousse!! YES!! What a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving it was.

Dan Ray said...

The Fun part is that Geoff told a story about american thanksgiving at church, something about indians and pilgrims and corn and what not.

- dan

p.s. happy thanksgiving.

Sara said...

A more complete "five"... We miss you Audrey. It's funny how a land can change when people leave. Vancouver is always becoming a new place to me. Glad I knew it with you here.

love you, Sara