Wednesday, August 01, 2007

where the rubber meets the road

Check out these Sojourners articles on one woman's search for a simple article of clothing that is ethically made and environmentally safe: Part 1 and Part 2. it's about as hard as you might guess, well, definitely harder than going to the mall. but it reminds me that there is always a choice. i admit that much of the time i am a lazy consumer, and like to save a buck when i can, without really knowing how the products i eat or wear are made. and it is easy to feel pushed into this lifestyle because well, everyone else is doing it, and all the media and cultural message that bombard me champion it. but there is always a choice in what you do. and you make small step here and there, and work towards the better way. oh, and there's a link in there worth mentioning again if you don't read the article - Rawganique, sustainable and ethically made clothing. for you vancouverites, they're based on denman island, somewhere up by you. they do have oddly glamorous models, so perhaps that lifestyle is more beneficial that one would first expect.

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lara said...

Dude, you should check out Simple's green toe line. There's a pretty sweet GT Jane and some others. I'd buy those in the name of social responsibility!