Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the in between time

i have spent entirely too much time in airports of late. i am presently spacing out in the D terminal of the seattle/tacoma airport. why does seattle get top billing here? why not tacoma? is it for alphabetical reasons? what a bum rap.

however, when time in the airport means i get to spend time (albeit far too brief) with friends that are like a breath of fresh air, then it is worth it. the goodbyes arrive all too soon. hence, i look like a teary eyed disney character. or japanimation? hm... anyway, photobooth is fun. i have to go to work tomorrow, which is not as fun. granted, my job is more fun than other jobs so i'm not complaining too much.

also, i am sorely tempted to move back up to the pacific northwest. is that weird?

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