Wednesday, August 15, 2007

glory days

had a delightful phone conversation with these two screen door dancers today. it did my heart much good to laugh over old jokes, reminisce over our glory days and hear of their lives in diaspora. now if you could just click on the "red kettle" link there at the right side of the screen, it may encourage/guilt her into updating her blog. do check out a pretty cool solar powered oven there.

summer is winding down. though winding down doesn't seem like the right word because the fall season brings more activity and busy-ness. while i like fall, i don't usually enjoy the ramping up of things to do. especially when my future is more uncertain than it usually is when the word "interim" is the first word in my lengthy job title.

friends, you know from being my friends and reading this blog that i am a writer. i want to keep writing but have not been good at all about setting time aside to do so, other than the slapdash entries on this blog. if you could help to keep me accountable and ask me if i am writing, what i am writing, and tell me i'm fabulous that would be greatly appreciated.

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jen said...

audrey! my favorite thing about that photo is that nate and sera appear to be the dancing queens. i love it.

good talking with you the other day! i'm an audrey fan,