Wednesday, October 03, 2007


i've had better weeks.

yesterday, after a bad night of sleep, i got into a minor fenderbender during my morning commute. it could have been worse; the traffic was flowing jerkily and it happened when i looked over for my bag of cereal to munch on. i was only going about 5 miles an hour. it was a pickup truck, and it wasn't visibly damaged. my little honda fit got scratched a bit and the edge of the hood was banged up. shouldn't cost to much to fit. still, hardly an ideal thing to happen.

the job life has greatly increased in velocity. i don't know how to feel about this. the level of enjoyment fluctuates from day to day, perhaps even moment to moment, which is normal to life in general i guess. i often wonder what god is up to; if i am being incredibly foolhardy, or if i am on the right track.

also, my mom left for buenos aires today for a week. she is going with some friends to tour the city. how 'bout that. i'm more than a little bit jealous.

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Jody said...

There are so many times during the week, during the day, that I hate my job. It comes with the territory. There is so much pressure on us teachers, especially teaching high school students 12 years of English in 2-3. I could go on, but you know what I'm going to say. Fluctuating between loving and hating is part of the deal. It happens to everyone. You deal with adolescents- so we get it triple. When you get like this, do what I do- sit back and remind yourself what wakes you up on the morning. Why you go back. Then you realize that the back and forth on emotions is part of the ride, and that you'd rather do nothing else. Cheesy but true.