Thursday, January 01, 2009

'09 is so fine, '08 was pretty... good

so it's 2009...
what i hope for this year:
world peace ('cause you're always supposed to say that, don't you watch beauty pageants?)
knowing people that are different than me
a job = preferably one that i would like to do for more than a year or two, but i'll settle for an income i can live on
muscle tone
my own space
being a better cook

i suppose these are resolutions, but this involves less guilt should i not actually follow through.

good stuff about '08:
going to new orleans twice and eating a lot of fried food and meeting great people
seeing my brother graduate from college
reuniting with old friends at a wedding in vancouver this summer
feeling more rooted in community here
living in a mansion for free
reading a ton of good books, which i may or may not tell you about here on the blog
seeing anne lamott twice
volunteering at st. anthony's
remembering how to hope

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