Saturday, January 17, 2009

if only i could just talk faster...

then i could really pretend to be a gilmore girl - i already have the pop culture references down. if i did my math correctly, i am right in the ballpark of lorelai gilmore's age, if i did get pregnant at 15 or 16. i'm not that much of a hardcore fan that i would know their actual ages on the show. i am also in the ballpark of lorelai's number of neuroses, so i also have that going for me.

i was teen-sitting for a weekend because the parents went out of town. i don't think i'd do this for just any family, especially when i discovered that i had been appointed pre-winter ball photographer by "rory." now, i think most of my friends my age would run far far away - but because i am weirdly equipped to hang out with youth, i was rather intrigued by the idea. it was actually a little overwhelming and bizarre - i only knew like 3 of the kids in the group going to the ball, and i didn't know any of the parents. so i didn't really know who to talk to or where to stand, since the last time i did something like this, i was the one actually going to the dance. standing with the parents and taking pictures was the most odd; "rory" laughed really hard at the perplexed look on my face. mostly i just wanted to start laughing, because who else like me is doing this on a saturday night? when the mother of the house offered me a glass of wine, i gratefully and emphatically accepted. then one of the kids informed me that she thinks it's odd to see me partake of alcohol - she said she forgets that i am over 21. and in reality, WAY over 21.

i find it odd that i can cross age boundaries so easily. yet it comes pretty easily to me; i take it for granted most of the time.

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