Friday, January 09, 2009

year of the extrovert

much like i decided may of '06 was salsa/ nacho/ grilling month (my housemates and i remember this fondly), i think that '09 will be year of the extrovert. or at least me pretending to be an extrovert. i don't know how long this will last, but right now i'm willing to give it a shot. to play on tina fey's (as sarah palin) words, "i ask myself, what would an extrovert do? and then do that." i'll let you know how it works out, as i feel myself to be vehemently introverted. it shall be a grand experiment.
what i've done so far:
-went to trivia night even though none of my regular friends could make it, and joined a random team. we came in 2nd. also offered to help co-host on some nights.
-went with a friend to see an 80s cover band (one that had played at another friend's wedding and rocked). a led zeppelin cover band on before them - and i swear the woman singer was robert plant in drag. not really, but she was vocally spot on. anyway, struck up a conversation with a guy, ended up going for donuts after the show and we shared a giant donut. i'm not kidding - it was giant. the donut lady gave it to us in a box that normally holds a dozen donuts. the way to my heart is through donuts.
-went dancing with some friends for 80s night at a club (80s music is good to me). someone decided that we should all wear funny hats. so i found myself dancing on a small platform wearing a pirate hat, while singing along to "don't stop believing" with a goofy chilean dude.

i mean, this is probably like how people start working out all the time at the beginning of the year and then lose motivation (which i am also doing). at least it's good times.


Katie S Brown said...

That's a perfect picture for this post. I honestly think you are more of an extrovert than you give yourself credit for. You're good at the social stuff and you're lots of fun! :)

dan said...

You were daancing on a small platform, wearing a pirate hat? I know you're trying to be less introverted, but going to amateur night at the local strip joint might be too much, too soon!