Saturday, March 26, 2011


chilling at my brother's apartment the night before the half. these past 3 months have gone by pretty fast. also kind of boggles my mind that when i started this blog, i was doing my first half marathon, and that was almost 6 1/2 years ago! eek.

kind of nervous about tomorrow since, as i have thoroughly complained about myself on the blog, i haven't gotten to train all that consistently as i would have liked. ah well, i'm relying on adrenaline and sheer stubbornness to get me through. to finish is to win right? i'm also going to have 30 of those energy goo things and i'll be fine. and i'll be thinking about those ice cold "free" beers that i have coupons there on my bib. let's be realistic - they'll probably be foamy and lukewarm but they'll also taste pretty damn good after 13.1 miles. wish me luck, eh?

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