Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i know i wrote earlier that i'd try to blog every day for lent. obviously, that hasn't happened. you shouldn't believe everything you read.

i don't know why it is that i haven't feel the urge to write stuff, well, at all in a long long time. i'm not sure if i've gotten more boring, or less observant. the more kind option my friend pointed out is that i have become less introspective. which is true, since i've been out of the great mind effer that is theology school for almost 4 years now. sometimes i miss that. but mostly i miss living with some great friends, and down the street from more great friends. those were the days.

i suppose i can also blame facebook for the blog decline. it's just easier/faster/blablabla to post short funny stuff on facebook that i'd normally put on this here blog. exhibit a, at left: my brother in san diego wandered into a used bookstore and see "me" on a children's book cover. apparently i look like a fictional 12 year-old laotian girl named vatsana. man, this picture still makes me laugh every time. i have to say that it is a strikingly accurate portrayal of how i look when i am confused. i wish i could get book royalties from this.

for those keeping track at home, the half marathon is in a week and a half. i tweaked my back somehow at some point last night and spent most of the day sitting at my desk in pain. not so fun. should be all good in a day or two, fingers crossed. even though i didn't train super consistently i still spent a fair amount of time getting ready for this. am now on a strict regimen of icy hot, cold pack, and heating pad, and stretching. not all at the same time.

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