Tuesday, November 06, 2007

back from retreat

i would like to live in pt. reyes. population: 350.

my time at st. columba retreat center was far too short. i read, i slept, i prayed, i wrote. the retreat center - think rivendell but abut 20 years older and looks more like your grandma's house and less like pottery barn. but i had a desk at the window and a view of tomales bay.

i went into town to try out the bovine bakery, which my friend said was "to die for." man, she was not kidding. i got a cherry chocolate almond cookie and when bit into it i almost passed out because it was so good. damn.

i spent a lot of time asking god what the hell the he thought he was up to. he didn't really answer me, so i just kind of got tired of asking. i guess he'll answer when he feels like it. he is god, after all. my friend pointed out that i am like esther (an example cited by one of our speakers at the recent conference) chosen for "such a time as this." i also think of what the speaker said she prayed, which was "oh lord, please send someone else."

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