Thursday, November 08, 2007

health and not so much wealth

so i got a physical and everything checks out fine. beyond the basic exercise more and eat better recommendations. that's good - i don't have like a heart murmur or a brain cloud (joe versus the volcano, anyone? an underrated tom hanks film) or have an unborn twin lodged somwhere in my body. however, that means my minor anxiety feelings are stress/emotionallly/mentally related. it doesn't suprise me, really. i'm just wondering how to deal with this now. besides the obvious and most tempting prospect of moving to any number of cities where good friends live and hanging out with them. i haven't ruled that out yet, though.


Lara said...

Move here, we could watch all our favorite tv shows together!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aud, just noticed you have banksy on your list. Cool and scary all at the same time, huh? The retreat room looks just like the rivendell pic. Love it. Glad you had a good time :)