Saturday, November 03, 2007

catching up...

well, friends, more to blog about. life happens at pace that i am finding increasingly unpalatable (that's a fancy shmancy way of saying that i don't like it). i long for a life sans a commute.

last weekend, however, i attended the conference at my church called "HIV & the Heart of God." it was very excellent. if i ever get my act together, i may post more extensive notes on the weekend. maybe. don't hold your breath. the speakers were from india, uganda, malawi, egypt, and malaysia. not often that there is a lineup from these geographical locations. my heart was broken in new ways. then my head almost exploded when i tried to encourage kids to attend the morning seminars in lieu of our regular sunday school program. i was met with poor lies like "we are going to the bathroom first" which really meant "we are going to ditch this and go shopping instead." like i was an idiot or something. the general apathy filled me with rage. and yet... there were other kids that had spent the whole weekend at the conference and seemed genuinely engaged.

i am going on a personal retreat starting sunday. (pictured at right, st. columba church and retreat center) i have missed the regularity of this practice that i had in vancouver and at rivendell. i am incredibly excited about this. i'll let you know how this place is. the place comes highly recommended. and it comes at a very good time, as i have recently had a strange bout with some anxiety/caffeine overload. well the first day i felt anxious, it was because of the caffeine. the second day i didn't have any, and i still felt anxious. this is something new. and troublesome. it would help to know if this is emotional or something physical. the first option wouldn't really surprise me. i have a physical scheduled just to make sure all is kosher.

there was some other stuff too. i'm too sleepy to remember right now. until tomorrow...

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