Wednesday, November 14, 2007

passing time

well... it's been a while since i wrote anything of substance on here. i find myself fighting the inexorable speed of the current of life here. it's too fast. a healthy dose of perspective was handed to me by a wise coworker in this conversation:
her: how's it going?
me: well... trying to keep up.
her: oh honey, you're always going to be trying to keep up.

and i had to laugh. well, i did, later. at that point in time i wasn't in much of a mood for laughing, but i did manage to take a deep breath and realize that if i missed something the entire universe was not going to collapse around me. i'm not that important. and that is a damn relief. it is hard to face our limits. at the same time, it is comforting to know them. then i don't have to live up to all the high expectations that get built up in my mind. stupid mind, it just gets me into trouble sometimes.

God walks 'slowly' because he is love. Love has its speed. It is a spiritual speed. It is a different kind of speed from the technological speed to which we are accustomed. It goes on in the depth of our life, wether we notice it or not, at three miles an hour. It is the speed we walk and therefore the speed the love of God walks.
-Three Mile an Hour God, Kosuke Koyama

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The Gilchrists said...

Audrey...where do you live? There's a good chance we'll be in CA in Feb.