Friday, November 10, 2006

horns of a dilemma

today my parents suggested buying me a new car. they'd pay the down payment and then i'd take over once i got a job. they said it would build up my credit rating.

i should be glad for this generous offer. they have been more than generous thus far, as i am living here rent free and eating the food. is this one of those cases where i should just accept this offer, so we have a point of connection? we have precious few of those in the first place.

my initial reaction was negative. i'd like to live simply. a car seems like a big headache to me and i hate driving. yet it is a necessary evil where i am living right now to get to any place i'd like to be. and this whole credit rating thing - i could really not give a damn about that stuff. i wonder if that will come back to get me. so i am quite frustrated and wondering when my life will take more of a definite shape. it remains fluid and vague. i lack motivation, inspiration and anything else that ends in -tion.


Dan Ray said...

Get the car.

Lara said...

I agree, get the car. You'll have something to work toward (payments) and you'll feel good about meeting that goal. Keep working, slinging the shots and praying. Something will happen, it always does. You rocktion and you're awesometion, there you got some tions.

jen said...

get the car and road trip to Missouri.

Dan Ray said...