Wednesday, November 22, 2006

personal grooming

i got a haircut today. i haven't gotten it cut since june, my hair was a bit out of control. walked down to the salon where my mom goes. i've known this hairdresser since i was in junior high, beginning with an mom-enforced and ill-advised perm for my 8th grade graduation. no, i do not want to talk about it.

anyway, we chatted as usual, catching up on her grandkids and where i've been. she's a church-going lady. we've talked about many religious-type things in the past. she lit up when i told her i had a masters in christian studies and said she wanted to pick my brain about the end times and the book of revelation. and about the middle east stuff. and the da vinci code. and what i thought about the ted haggard scandal. not all at once of course, our conversation meandered in these directions. we connected on some things, i think. and missed each other on other points. i really like her, and i spoke my mind more than i would to a more casual acquaintance. as usual, i am aware that my views may not really jive with, say, the majority middle class America. so it makes me cautious about what i say to people. i mostly just feel awkward. but even if i might know more about a subject than other people, i feel the responsiblity to present whatever knowledge that is with a gentle spirit, rather than hit them over the head with it, because HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK THAT WAY? though the second option has been very tempting but of course, it could also be applied to my own views from someone else. it has been an interesting journey thus far.


Andrea said...

no photo of the haircut?

I'm feeling cheated. :)

jane said...

when in those conversations I prefer to hit them over the head with (ie think to myself) WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?

I hear you Aud....I've feeling this way since your perm (: Speaking of which, I agree with Andrea.

aud said...

yeah, the more i thought about it, the more i realized that this is a pretty good encapsulation of what your average evangelical american christian is concerned with: end times (in relation to middle east and according to the left behind series), ted haggard/homosexuality, the da vinci code. how to expand the scope of concern beyond that? besides blunt force trauma to the skull.

you'll see the haircut NEXT WEEK! wheee! the hair really isn't that exciting. that we will all bbe in the same room is far more cause to use caps.