Wednesday, November 29, 2006

repetitive motions

i spent an hour today tying knots on plastic bags. the bags contained food for to be distributed to kids in the oakland and berkeley schools. the food is not for a lunch program, but intended to sustain them through the weekends. interesting, somthing i had not considered before. i figured that this opportunity to volunteer might be a better way to meet people rather than in awkward small group settings (which have been documented on this blog). plus, i want to volunteer, as a good use for all this time that i have.

i was glad to volunteer and felt like i was able to help, not like in other previous volunteer experiences where there are too many hands and i ended up feeling useless and frustrated. we bagged 800 bags of food. so the part of meeting people didn't happen so much, as we (about 20-30 people) were plugged into an assembly line, complete with rolling conveyor belt to pass the bags down the line. in fact, the air of urgency with which everyone worked kind of threw me for a loop. i was late though, so i'm not sure if they did any introduction type thing or if everyone already knew each other. mostly i wondered if this need to go superfast was an American thing. i got a ride back to the BART with the guy from my church who heads up this organization and he seemed pretty cool and i learned more about what they're doing.

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