Monday, November 20, 2006

life's little instructions

today i was cleaning in the back room of the coffee shop (i finish up there this week). i saw that there were books sitting in one of the cubbyholes for our general use. being the book worm that i am, i check out the books more closely. the title on one of them: "so you want to be a lesbian?" whaaaaa? with a title like that, it was hard to remember what the other book was. i already knew that a few of the other employees are lesbians. i just didn't think any of them needed a how-to manual. hell, i'm straight and i wouldn't mind an instruction manual for my life.

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Dan Ray said...

How to be an Audrey:

1. Frequent viewing of the simpsons and various other witty and edifying tv shows will benefit you greatly.

2. Always combine a healthy balance of frustration with optimism all of which should be cleverly illuminated with charming sarcasm.

3. If people don't understand your humor, they're probably a waste of your time.

4. frequent bbq, ultimate frisbee, video games, and friends will make for a healthy summer.

5. spend as much time on youtube as possible.

6. write often and always

7. don't forget the valuable things that you learned from Ian provan, they'll come in handy at a later time (like trigonometry)

- sorry, bored in class.