Thursday, November 16, 2006

taking a new tack

From Wikipedia: A tack or coming about is the maneuvre by which a sailing boat or yacht turns its bow through the wind so that the wind changes from one side to the other.

after considering the circumstances of the last few days, i quit the coffee shop job today. with my old beater car, i figured i could just get a job to pass the time during the job search. post car-death, i realized that i need to get some real cash flow going. so, now i sell low grade plutonium for nuclear weaponry (and time machines). JUST KIDDING, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, WHO IS CONSTANTLY SCANNING THE INTERNET FOR KEY WORDS!! i'll temp, or get some awful seasonal retail job that will make me want to punch shoppers in the head. actually, i would want to do that to people who are buying coffee too, so maybe i have anger issues. having something concrete to work for (the car and upkeep of said car) is more immediate as a goal, not so much my search for vocation. so i hang up the apron again. oh well.

actually today, i found a posting for this volunteer organization run through the jesuits. it seems pretty cool, area director for a year-long volunteer/spiritual formation program for recent college grads. so i sent a email for more details. we'll see. i'd describe more specifically, but i don't really feel like showing up on any google searches.

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