Tuesday, March 13, 2007

back with 110% more attitude

started the new part-time job. hence, the lack of blogging. (also spending less time online during lent.)
lots of stuff to learn, people to meet, good food to taste. one of the benefits is getting to buy wine at cost, so i may be using and abusing that privilege soon. have you ever seen a restaurant kitchen in operation? it's quite a sight. it's better than watching to food network.

no more details about the job, lest i get "dooced." (see urban dictionary; or read it from the source in the "about" section of dooce.com don't worry; it's not dirty)

the past few days have been incredible, weather wise. i wore flipflops to church. yesterday i passed a most agreeable afternoon barefoot in the grass at golden gate park with an old friend.

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Katie S Brown said...

yeah well...it's sunny in Vancouver today. It might only be 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it's still sunny and I can see mountains! Spring will get here eventually.