Saturday, March 31, 2007


that is the percentage of how healthy i feel. this cold just won't die.

however, another sign of spring (this is for the kelleys): today i made two huge batches of salsa for my brother, which he will try to consume in the next 2 days before he goes back to school. the red kind and the green kind. remember: may is nacho month! that's just a month away, people. get ready for it! nacho month '06 was glorious.

today i recycled several of our old computers, their accompanying appliances and a broken tv at a free electronic recycling event. hooray for recycling!

regarding my previous post about global warming... i should have included my jokey comment that provoked my friend's declaration. mostly just because it makes me laugh when i think of it and it is kind of true - perhaps the only upside one can find with this whole change in climate. we were talking about the movie march of the penguins. i said, "hey at least with global warming those penguins won't have to walk as far to find food." am i right or am i right? seriously, folks.

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Lara said...

I'm pretty sure I won't gain as much weight during Nacho month (which also happened to be grill month if you recall) without you around. That is good. However not have afternoon nachos a few times a week will be bad.